Group Travels To Hope International

Tourism and sport are key cultural elements of today’s world and have significant impact on modern society and international tourism.

With this in mind, attending the Hope International Soccer Fest (HISF) is more of a unique social event, that is appreciated in today’s societies, especially with the impact of the world pandemic.  The tournament is increasingly being recognized by many people in the U.S. and globally. This is one of the many conclusions of this event, which was prepared for the tournament organized by the tournament committee.

Plan your trip to HISF’s next tournament and your stay today!

Future tournaments will be scouted for major locations across the country.  For now, join us to experience all our tournament-festivals has to offer!

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• For tournament registration, contact François and Nuquie at +1 (973) 489.1520 +1 (336) 624.7735
• For all hotels and discounts, contact Bruce & Richard at +1 (704) 224.1280 +1 (704) 949.9826
• For vendors, contact Nadgee at +1 (704) 999-4982