WELCOME TO Hope International Soccer Festival

Welcome to Hope International Soccer Fest (HISF).  HISF is a sports tournament and festival organized by the nonprofit organization, Hope Valley International.  HISF’s founders are soccer enthusiasts who make their living in the United States while bringing a worldwide love of “the beautiful game”.  HISF hosted its first event in 2018 and celebrated its third annual tournament in July of 2021 in North Carolina.

The goal of an HISF tournament event is to unite communities by promoting peace, and social change on a local level.  Players from both the U.S. and abroad come together for a weekend of unity through sports.  As HISF grows, we are focused on maintaining our core values and expanding to include other tournaments for kickball, lacrosse, basketball, ultimate frisbee, golf, and beyond.  HISF headquarters is in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and events are hosted in various locations within and outside of North Carolina.  As we continue to grow, HISF events will be hosted in multiple cities across the United States and internationally – join us today and let’s take this wonderful journey together.


A portion of the proceeds from the tournament goes towards a building fund for the first international Hope Academy, which will model STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and sports programs within North Carolina USA, and Liberia (West Africa).


The mission of Hope International Soccer Fest (HISF) is to launch culturally rich sports festivals in every major U.S. city.  The building blocks of HISF are:  INTEGRITY, CULTURE INCLUSION, and MUTUAL RESPECT.

The vision is to create an exceptional sports experience to foster healthy and diverse communities across the country.  HISF believes in MUTUAL RESPECT, uncompromised CULTURE INCLUSION, and UNITY, which reaches beyond borders and barriers. HISF accomplishes these goals through fostering active lives and promoting our core value of cross-cultural COMMUNITY.


To All Tournament Participants,

On behalf of Hope International Soccer Fest (HISF), we are pleased to welcome all players, team officials, families, and friends to one of the most celebrated tournament and festival in the United States. We are truly excited to have you participate in this event.  Each year, we grow stronger and stronger.  The tournament brings individuals from all over the world for a weekend of festivities. Come and be a part of something special for you and your entire family.  Enjoy great food selections, music, and oh yea, a little bit of football (soccer) as well. The tournament is all about unifying the community, while expressing our cultures and values.

Wishing every one of you good luck and know that the tournament winner will be a worthy representative of the quality of the Hope International Soccer Festival (HISF).  Organizing a soccer tournament / festival is a very time-consuming endeavor. Please join us in thanking our tournament committee and volunteers for all of their efforts in making this event possible. We would like to extend a special thank you to the city mayors, facility owners, sponsors, team officials, our fans and supporters who contribute so much time, effort, and money to make this event possible.

Please enjoy the culture festivities and of course the games too.

Yours truly,

Francis Oshio, Jr.
Hope International Soccer Festival (HISF)                         Nuquie Beedoe
Tournament Chairperson                                                      Tournament Co-Chair