In great spirit and harmony, we celebrate world peace and unification in our community.

Hope International Soccer Festival (HISF) is the first, largest, and most celebrated multicultural adult soccer event, organized by a team of soccer experts and enthusiasts surrounding the North Carolina area with a big vision to be one of the most successful international adult soccer tournaments in the United States.

The Hope International Soccer Festival (HISF) derived from Hope Valley International (HVI), a registered not-for-profit organization based in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, NC (USA). Hope International Soccer Fest (HISF) was created to bring people together and to support and develop grassroots soccer in our communities.

Our mission is to promote and celebrate social awareness through soccer. HISF was founded by HVI members and affiliates who shared common goals and interests as they saw the need to introduce a new cultural-infusion in North Carolina. Therefore, HISF was launched to celebrate the diverse and unique cultures shared in North Carolina including those shared internationally by using soccer as the ultimate platform to express and unify us all.